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Social Work is not only an art, science but also passion for all of us at Nepal School of Social work (NSSW). It is a joint initiative of Kadambari Memorial college of Scienceand Management (an affiliate of Purbanchal University) and Nepal College of Development Studies (an affiliate of Tribhuwan University) initiated by the Sutra Centre for Development Education and Research, a not for profit organization registered with Social Welfare Council of Nepal in 2005.

In 2015 we will be 10 years in to social work education, research, training and advocacy to seek legal recognition for social work as a profession in Nepal. NSSW recognizes human worth and dignity and avail each opportunity to work with various individuals, families and organizations. It had the unique opportunity to co-develop the curriculum of Bachelor of Social Work ( BSW) and Master of Social work ( MSW) programs of Purbanchal University in 2005 and Master in social work of Tibhuvan University in 2013. These efforts together with student centered learning methodologies and community engagement are at the core of NSSW’s vision ‘nurturing young social workers to craft a just society’.

Republic of Nepal is a multicultural society going through a series of transitions results in to social strengths and issues. Nepal needs professional social workers as trained human resources to address the ongoing social issues and barriers of development. Recognizing the national restructuring priorities and nation building efforts, NSSW scouts for young students and social service practitioners from all over Nepal and aboard who are committed and passionate to bring positive changes and nurtures them in to responsible citizen who then will be able enhance individual, community and global well –being and be capable to promote social and economic justice for all.

Our track record in the last nine years shows that our alumna are educated in accordance with the core values and principles of the social work profession: freedom of inquiry and open debate, inclusion and shared leadership, respect for self-determination and the need for accountability, and the affirmation and value of social and cultural diversity and are carving out their own place in the Nepalese development struggles.

NSSW during these years built its partnership with more than 50 Nongovernmental, Governmental and International social service agencies. With our own community engagement program (College with Community), our students have extraordinary opportunity to transform their classroom teaching into social work practice in real life situations.

Being capable of piloting in different social issues, our graduates are now a far-reaching human service initiatives, have establish meaningful social service organizations, have carried out direct advocacy efforts for the profession, have lead state human service programs, and oversee advanced social work education throughout the nation. In short, our alumni are making a significant difference in lives all around the world. NSSW is blessed with passionate students, caring founding members and committed faculty and encouraging well-wishers.

We welcome you to visit us and explore our educational and other activities on and of the campus. You can also volunteer and support our endeavors. And if you would like to be a catalyst, carve a niche for your talents, to become a change agent, build personal social skill and be a leader to bring positive changes in society, you are more than welcome to join our cutting edge programs at NSSW. Welcome onboard!!!!

Pradipta Kadambari


Ms Pradipta kadambari is a co-founder of Nepal School of Social Work. She is now looking after the management and the program devleopment of NSSW as Chief Executive Offiicer. She is also a chairperson of college management commitee and Sutra center for development education and research .

She holds mater degree in Science and has been a visiting lecturer in Central Department of Microbiology, Tribhuvan Univeristy, National Institute of Science and Hope International College. Beside her academic involvement , she has a decade long experience in human resource management as a manager of cashmere manufacturer and exporter. She now leads community engagement program of NSSW to create a synergy among community and college to strengthen community development and social work academia.

She can be reached at [email protected]


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