message from Founding Director

.Dear Students, Parents and social work Colleagues:

Warm Greetings and Welcome to NSSW family!

I quote Pam Omidyar, Founder of HopeLab. For her, Innovation is about courageous experimentation, testing new approaches, tapping into unconventional sources for insight and inspiration…Experiments often fail, which is part of the process. When successful, they can lead to game changing discoveries. We join and endorse Madam Pam’s views. Innovation is a core element in what we do with and for our students and with stakeholders at NSSW.

I take pride to invite you to visit us at NSSW, Kathmandu campus and explore yourself the ideas that we have been working on since our inception in 2005. You are most welcome to join us in our endeavors to bring a formal recognition to social work as a profession. Today about 60 colleges that are affiliated to Tribhuvan University is offering social work as one of the majors that students can choose as part of their BA in Arts program. The Kathmandu and Purbanchal Universities are offering BSW degree is and Tribhuvan University (TU), Purbanchal University (PU)and Midwestern University in Surketh are offering Masters in social work. This is a huge success for all of us who are interested in professionalizing social work in Nepal. As you turn the pages of history, you come to know that social work teaching has began in way back in 1996 at one college affiliated to KU and today in 20 years time, we have about 1000 students are going through social work as one of their study choices. Of course with this phenomenal growth, the access to social work education has increased but remains the issues of quality education and nurturing.

NSSW recognises these challenges right from its inception a decade ago, and aims to provide quality, affordability and nurtures social work students who can understand the global dynamics and local realities. We groom our students to become social change agents and became leaders and some of them are pioneers in whatever careers or path they have chosen.

I, consider extremely fortunate and privileged to be associated with the NSSW and its activities. I derive immense professional and personal satisfaction and try my best to contribute to its goals and mission. As the founding director of the NSSW, cordially invite you to join us to further carve out young minds and craft NSSW as an institution of par excellence and a place where simple ideas to solve society’s problems can be tested, incubated and bloom social innovations. SOCIALWORK for us at NSSW, not only a science, art but also PASSION!

You are most welcome to join us @NSSW!

Sincerely yours ,



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