NEPAL SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK(NSSW) is a joint initiative of Kadambari memorial college of science and management and Nepal college of development studies, promoting professional social workers for creating a just society.


May 09

Result of 3rd semester and 5th semester BSW

The result of 3rd semester and 5th semester bachelor of social work (BSW) has been published by PU.

May 08

collecting supplies, heavy loaded vehicles, late nights deliveries, home visit of more than 1100 households, 10 days at Sipopokhari, rough roads, rural toilets, hard works, nonstop phone call, great teamwork of the social camp team and finally a systematic relief reach to the 1100 household.

Our team at the camp and coordinating team deserve a salute for their works proving social workers make difference.

May 08

Subadra Dangal, a 19 years young girl from #sindhupalchowk was hit by a big stone on her ear while taking out things from destroyed house and our team somehow managed to take her to Dhulikhel Hospital and now she is in normal condition.Our team got her to hospital and get back to her village. Our college staying with the community not only for the relief supplies, it was to be with the community, work with them and help them as per their need. We are very happy to got a great cooperation from the people, the children who worked along with our social workers to pack the more than 1100 packet of rice, lentil, soap and toothpaste packs.
Pls note: we are loading a limited pic of the children and the wounded girl respecting their privacy and approval from them to load their photos on line.


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