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Nepal School of Social Work

Nepal School of Social Work (NSSW) is a joint initiative of Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management and Nepal College of Development Studies, promoting professional social workers for creating a just society.

About Us

Nepal School of Social Work (NSSW) initiated in 2005 is a Leading Think Tank for social work and social policy studies. The strength of NSSW comes from its sister institutions namely: The Kadambari Memorial College (affiliated to Purbanchal University) and The Nepal college of Development studies (affiliated to Tribhuwan University). NSSW is dedicated to nurture young social work students to transform in to committed professional social workers for Nepal and aboard. The concept of charity to serve people now has evolved into the value based, ethic guided, and skilled profession called social work which is a global profession now. The training students received at our institutions are enabling them to put their knowledge, skills into practice and add their passion to bring positive changes within self and in sociery at large.


Aug 19
Dear all : We at NSSW are very happy and proud to share with you all that firnally hard work pays!! The recognition of Kadambari Memorial College (KMC) as a college of excellence for social work studies in the Nepal for the last 10 years and the commiment of its faculty and management in nurturing high caliber, committed social workers for Nepal. Two of KMC students nominated for the excellence girls graduate award in Bachelor program in Arts faculty in Nepal.
Aug 20
Youth day celebrations 2016@NSSW : NSSW students participated in the event with full enthusiasm and with their commitment to the youth leadership for sustainable societies. We also welcome David from the UK at NSSW for next two months. He will be helping NSSW to develop adoption social work and also lecture and mentor students who are interested in adoption social work. Welcome David!!
Aug 10
Building South Asian SocialWwork scholarship between NSSW and RAJGIRI COLLEGE OF SOCIAL of SOCIAL SCIENCES, SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK signing an MOU is another mile stone for NSSW's achievements in strengthening social work in Nepal. Pradipta Kadambari, CEO of NSSW and Prof. Thampi of RAJAGIRI school of social work today signed an MOU for a strong collaboration furthering a path of working together in collaborative research, faculty exchange, development of new social work programs and strengthening social work students caliber of both institutes with exchange of students, social camps and online interactions. We look forward to grow together with support and exchange of strengths in the coming days. NSSW is thankful to Asst Prof Kiran Thampi and for taking up his initiative for the collaboration and representing Raj Giri College today together with Prof Pramodh Korula. We see these initiatives between schools of social work within south asia will lead to further exchanges and building social work scholarship.
July 24
Active Sundays with The Country Needs Us. Youth are the driving force of a Nation. Every day around 1700 Nepalese youth leave the Country in search of better jobs and livelihoods and many of them never return to the homeland. Where are our young people? What are their priorities ? How can they find who and what they are ? How together with small initiatives, genuineness, passion and continuity this cohort steers the way of their life course and the LIFE COURSE OF NEPAL. The presentations today from Ajaya, Niraj and Basant were more than a motivational program . It was the reality sharing. Thank you very much the team of THE COUNTRY NEEDS US for coming to our college and having a meaningful sharing.
July 14
Another milestone for NSSW : A team of social work professionals from Asian Research Institute for International Social work, Japan visited NSSW and exchanged ideas. Director, Prof Akimoto, Assistant Director Yusuke and Head Researcher Madam Kana from Japan took time to visit NSSW and interacted with the faculty. The meeting was focused on the possible social work research collaboration between two institutes in near future.
July 12
Use of Art in Social Work ! Community theater training workshop from Isra Aid to NSSW social workers . Art is a strong medium to connect with people, tell their stories, portray people's issues and strength. Our students are learning the techniques of making experiences alive through social drama bridging the performance and social work practice in COMMUNITY THEATER. Thank you very much for Isra Aid for being with us to build social workers capacity and applied social work academic.
June 28
Social work and Human Rights in Nepal : NSSW Students Interacting with Senior Human Right Activists of Nepal. An interaction on "Nationwide Campaign Against Impunity" at Nepal School of Social Work, Buddhanaga this morning. The interaction session was attended by Sr Human Rights Activist Dr. Gopal Krishna Siwakoti as the Chief Guest and other guests were Hurfon Chairperson and Former Coordinator of Amnesty International Nepal Group 3 Ktm Bhawani Prasad Kharel, AINepal Coordinator Laxman Nath Uprety, Advocate Tirtha Basaula, AI Nepal 3 Deputy Coordinator Ganesh Ghimire, AI Nepal Group 3 members, CoCap Member Puran Darnal, Journalists, lawyers, HR Activists were present
June 27
Ambassador Glen White @ Closing day ceremony of International study tour NSSW is thankful to Australian Ambassador Glen white for gracing the ceremony as the Chief Guest on the closing day ceremony and staying long with us. He not only congratulated the Australian students for their life time achievement in the three weeks in Nepal but also acknowledged the hosting of NSSW and the group participating in Nepal in Australian Alumni Award function as well.
June 26
Closing day Celebration of the International study tour of Griffith students. The presentations from Griffith students in their agency visits and their reflections were presented in 4 thematic areas which gave us a immense satisfaction to be a success in knowledge building program of students of human services and social work. Australian Ambassador HE Glenn white gave remarks on the importance of such program to the global human development. SSP Sarbendra Khanal highlighted the importance of human service practitioner ( criminology and social work) to bring social justice to the criminal justice system. We are thankful to all the invitees who came and be part of this celebration.
June 20
Interactive Session of Griffith Student with Metropolitan Police Crime Division ( MPCD), chief SSP Sarbendra Khanal and his team. Students from Griffith were very curious to learn and listen about the nature of crimes, the dynamics of criminals, the performance of MPCD from SSP Khanal. NSSW is thankful to MPCD for its colloboration with Social Work and SSP Khanal for sharing his experiences, strengths and expertise with our International students and NSSW team. Hope these initiatives will further lead to Correctional Social Work initiatives in Nepal.
June 20
Interactive session with Blue Diamond Society : Issues and interventions about sexual minorities in Nepal.@ International Students Study Tour.
June 15
International Study Tour With Human Rights Commission ( HRC), Nepal Students of Human Services , Social Work; Criminology from the Griffith University and NSSW students actively interacted with the three officers from HRC . Mr Basu Bajgai, Madhav Regmi and Hari Prasad Gyawali to learn about the role and the performance of Human Right Commission in Nepal , especially in the context of conflicts and earthquake in Nepal. We would like to thank the human right officers for their time and presentation and Mr. Ganesh Ghimire for coordinating the session with Human Rights Commission of Nepal.
June 15
Session with Nepal Tourism Board : We can see that our Griffith Students were delighted to listen to the richness of Nepal in terms of our natural beauty and millions of smiles of Nepalese People. We would like to thank Mr. Sunil Sharma, Official Director, Public Relation and Publicity for his impressive presentation on Nepal and value for tourism for the reconstruction of Nepal.
June 15
The community engagement experiential learning of Griffith Students in Naglebhare. An active involvement of Australian students along with NSSW students with children and women groups of the village made the engagement meaningful and valuable to all participants
June 14
International Students Study Tour (Griffith University, Australia): Nepal Gate Way Program. day 6, hosted by Kamdambari Memorial College(Nepal School of Social Work)at different Womens organization, Nabin Gram Shikchhaya M. Viddhyalaya Students(Nanglebhari)
June 11
Taking International students to learning spaces of Nepal International Student Study Tour@ SAAR Nepal. Students from Griffith University had a wonderful activity together with senior citizens at the senior citizen and life learning center and learn the senior citizens status and the importance of community center for them. They also shared the welfare policies of Australia with the elderly people. Great sharing,togetherness and warmth among the people from two different cultures, languages yet the same passion for people.. Thank you SAAR Nepal for your support
June 11
International Study tour Day 5: Interaction with Terres Des Home learning the issues and programs of Child Protection of TDH.
June 9
International Study Tour @ Biswas Nepal. Many thanks to Bijaya, Bhawana team of Biswas for sharing your experiences and hard work to bring changes in Adult Entertaintment sector
June 7
International Study Tour of Griffith University Students by NSSW (Kadambari Memorial College and Nepal College of Development Studies) . NSSW is hosting 21 days study tour of social work students and students of Human service and criminology , Griffith University to provide learning space and time to students of Australia and Nepal toward GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.. The program begun with community cafe to discuss and share the various social , political and economical aspects of both countries.
May 20
Pyschosocial Support training to social Mobilizers of Home Net Nepal. Kadambari Memorial college ( NSSW) is providing psychosocial support training to Home Nepal from 18 th May to 22 May. The five days training workshop includes understanding stress, disaster effect, reconstruction distress techniques of PSS and self care of the care giver. Today is the third day of workshop where participants worked on various techniques of working with communities as narrative story writing, Eco Map, Tree of life and use of art in communicating to the people.
May 18
Two days workshop on Narrative perspectives on social work from DISPUK , Denmark at NSSW. . Very inspiring and effective tools to work with client, groups and life itself. Students were amazed to learn the interviewing skill, story building and analysing the different aspect of people's stories. Thanks to Annette and Rita for this opportunity to our school of social work
May 17
Today was the last session on Narrative Practice workshop. Very inspiring and effective tools to work with client, groups and life itself. Students were amazed to learn the interviewing skill, story building and analysing the different aspect of people's stories. Thanks to Annette and Rita for this opportunity to our school of social work
May 13
Training workshop on PHTOVOICE, a community based participatory research method from University of Mannitoba , University of South, Canada and Nepal School of Social Work to NSSW social work students, field work partners and Nepal Police officers. Learning to get voice of people through photos to data.
May 11
NSSW moving a step further to coordinate the child protection policy implementation and providing support to all the host organisations of Australian Volunteer program in Nepal. The child protection compliance officer Coby Charter ,Scope Global, Australia visited NSSW today to implement the child protection policy in all the host organisations of Australian volunteer. We are thankful to her for believing us to coordinate the program in Nepal along with Scope Global.
May 2
Building bridges between practice and academics Today One day research Institute on Community Based Participatory Research Institute on PHOTO VOICE as a research tool was organised by NSSW and University of Manitoba and University College of the North, Canada at Nepal Police academy. The participants learnt the knowledge, action and analysis of the research by engaging with different people from different walks of live. Nepal Police, students and faculty from Kadambari Memorial college, Journalist, participants from NGOs participated in the program. We would like to thank the practitioners and police personnel to enrich our social work academia by working together in this process of knowledge exchange
Apr 30
NSSW Appreciation to all : The three days conference on Nurturing University and Community Engagement ; Integration , Innovation and Impact closed with finding common ground to work together with many llike minded people in collaborative research, publication and organising next conference. The 28 International participants from India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Israel, U.K , Australia, Thailand made this conference a global event. NSSW would like to thank you all for your valuable presence, presentations, feedback, critics and gestures of solidarity. We thank our national presenter for presenting the limitation and also hopes about Nepal present context. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Mar 16
Celebrating World Social Work Day 2016 NSSW has marked and celebrated the world social work day 2016 with Social Workers Association of Nepal on 15 th March. Students of Kadambari Memorial college performed Human Frame to highlight the social issues which need to be raised to have thriving society. A documentary contest was held among the 6 colleges of social work to showcase the students social action through the video presentation and oral presentation. MILAN, a documentary on the issue of transgender by Kadambari Memorial college, first semester won the first prize, Nepathya, a documentary on commercial sex worker ( Kadambari Memorial college 4th semester) became second and Revolution , a documentary on social behavior change in youngsters( Xavier International) won the third prize. The judiciary Panel of Namrata Sharma, chairperson, Center for Investigative Journalism, Sunita Sanuwar, Suresh Poudel ( director AP one television). Sunita Danuwar( Director Shakti Samuha) and Megha Raj Raisali,( program producer, BBC action media) asked questions and provided their input to declared the best three presentation of the event. The deputy dean of Purbanchal University, Uday Raj Prasai, was invited as the chief guest in the program. We would like to thank SSP Sarbendra Khanal for his presence and wishes despite his very busy schedule.
Feb 25
Human Library with Sabita Upreti, NSSW social workers have an very inspiring human library session of month February 2016 with aspiring social change makers Ms Sabita Upreti . The more than two hour long conversation opened the pages of her journey from her childhood to today. We herd her experiences of economic deprivation and social disparity of being girl. We also witnessed the struggle of a mother to support and provide permission Sabita to explore the world behind her village. Her struggle, hardship, achievement and determination to build herself to create meaningful living for her and for people with special needs. NSSW would like to thanks Sabita Upreti for her session with us an d inspiring us with her words and her presences.
Feb 7
Outreach visit to Brick kiln at Jharuwabeshi: Social work students of NSSW today had an interactive field visit at Brick kiln in Lalitpur, Jharuwabeshi. They have learnt the diversity of workers coming to work in the kiln for six month. They interacted with the people from Dharvanga, India and people from different parts of Nepal, Rolpa, Ramechap like all 75 district of Nepal. We would like to thank Nirmala jee, child protection officer and Sita of UEMS for their sharing or sanrakchand program in Brick Kiln
Feb 3
Two days workshop on trauma and community engagement ended with lots of hand works, collage, brainstorming, creativity and expression of feeling into a book. Utilizing art to work with people with different state of minds our budding social work students learnt to express their feeling without a word, learning a tool of social work practice.We thank Artist in community , Anne and Alex for their effort in strengthening social work academia in Nepal School of Social work.
Jan 26
Learning Art to engage with people with trauma with Artist with Community. The two day session on Dr. Anne Ring has begun with exploration of self expression with art and collage. The new batch of 2015 are experiencing the power of art to work with community . NSSW is thankful to Anne and Alex for their continued capacity enhancement of NSSW social workers from last 3 years.
Dec 26
A collaboration for research on commercial sex workers in Nepal. NSSW with Ohio state University, The University of Utah and Jagriti Mahila Manch:
Dec 10
Today is Human Rights Day and marks the end of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. World Vision International Nepal joined hands with the students of Kadambari Memorial College to mark this campaign with awareness raising to ensure protection for vulnerable groups especially girls and women
Nov 22
Expressive Therapy: Two Days Psycho social Training workshop from Isra Aid to NSSW on 19-20 Nov. NSSW is thankful to trainer Yula and the team of Isra Aid for the two days very engaging workshop on the Expressive therapy at NSSW. The tools and techniques learnt are very effective to work with individual and group in case work and also in group work approaches of social work. Thanks to our Alumni Mahesh Bhatta for linking NSSW to Isa Aid. The training is taken by students of BSW , faculty and team of NSSW.
Jul 23
We are thankful to Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social work , Univeristy of Toronto for sending book for our library, Fr. Pt Augustine resource Center. The center is opened to other also. Contact us at 9851004578 for the library memebership.
Jul 23
Community Cafe with Prof Bonney Castle. NSSW organised a session with Dr. Bonney Castle from University of Manitoba, Canada. Her presentation on University and community engagement highlighted the positive impact of involving communities with the University program. After the presentation, she hosted a community cafe which is one of approach of community engagements. Participants from various agencies and institution along with faculties and students participated in the cafe and brewed the idea of discussion and framing of the idea along with coffee.
Jul 23
Agencies hiring social workers from NSSW. NSSW has been very proud of being a center for humanitarian aid agencies to hire our committed social workers. After 4 students got hired by MAGNA, one from Mercy Malaysia , now our 3 students are hired from SEED in their shelter program. We wish our students their successful tenure with SEED.
Jul 22
This is to inform you all that Examination Centre for 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester 2015 is Aayan International College, located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. Contact no: 5550778
Jul 19
A self care workshop with APF and Nepal Army by NSSW and NATAN. NSSW organised two days workshop for armed force of Nepal.Social work works for the wellness of people. At this time, numbers of humanitarian aid workers are working for the earthquake affected people in Nepal. NSSW has recognized the importance of mental wellness of the security personnel of Nepal, Nepal Police, Nepal Army and Armed Police Force who have been involved in the search and rescue missions and have been witnessing and experiencing the extremities of the aftermath. The NSSW extended its collaboration with Dr. Rony Berger, Director, the Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Unit, Brit Olam International Recovery, Israel to the security personnel of Nepal. 31 officers of APF and Nepal Army participated in the program.