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Welcome to Nepal School Of Social Work

We are a young school of social work with a great vision!! On 10th September 2010 we are five years old and steeping in to the 6th year with further commitment and enthusiasm. I invite you to explore our academic, research, training and networking programs in which our goal nurturing young social workers in Nepal and in South Asia reflects. Our alumni are leaders in their chosen fields of development. Social Work is a young profession in Nepal but the rich global history of social work as a profession makes it an ideal profession for young and motivated people like you who wish to work with people and seek meaning in their careers. For social work in Nepal there are abundant opportunities and also countless challenges. Read More


Nepal School of Social Work is an idea in action based on social innovation principles. The aim of this organization is to bring social work institutions of Nepal to a common platform to share and exchange ideas and skills which in turn supports to bring a formal recognition for social work education by society and thenstate. Kadambari Memorial College and Nepal College has joined the initiative.


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