Nepal School of Social Work

Message From CEO

Do people need to study social work to be a social workers? This is the question usually people in Nepal ask me when I introduce myself as a head of executive of a school of social work.

Here, I would like to share one incidence, a young man shared with me. After earthquake of April in Nepal, he with his friends went to one of affected village. They have brought few relief materials that they had been able to collect. Thinking that it would be a great help to the people, they reached the village. As they were trying to distribute the material, the distribution became very difficult. People with need were double in numbers than their relief packages. People were frustrated and very demanding. The situation turned to a chaotic and unmanageable.It became very difficult and frustrating for him not to get postitive response from the people.

Then I told him our story of earthquake response in Sinduhupalchowk. We too went to a village on the 5th day of the earthquake and also with limited relief packages. We also did not have good idea about the need. But we were confident about our module. In BSW, students go to social camps, stays with the community, build rapport, build relationship, do need assessment and provide services. We were sure about the method learnt to work with groups. We also faced the similar situation but with the knowledge and skills of social work, we convinced people that we were going to live with them for 8 to 10 days and would provide the same relief package to each family. Homework were done, pre visits were performed, links were established with aid organization and people, home visit and survey were done, coupon were distributed and in 8 days with intervals of days, relief package worth one Core rupee were distributed to all 1100 household of Sipapokhare VDC.

When he heard my story, he told me, he wish, if he had learnt those techniques before.

Yes, for those who want to build their career in humanitarian work, development work, Case Management, Mental health and multi layers of social structures and issues, you need to study Social Work.

We at NSSW, provides a fertile ground for social work students with University affiliated curriculum and NSSW tailored noncredit courses. Students find unlimited opportunities to explore themselves. We respect every one as an individual and nurture them to express their unexplored potential to become a Professional Social Worker.

In this 10th years of our journey, this year we have been able to be an institute to materilise the campus job placement. This year 15 of our students were hired by humanitarian organization/Institutes like MAGNA, SEED, MERCY MALAYSIA, CWISH and TISS from our colleges.

Our response to earthquake and the trust shown by International social work fraternity and individuals have motivated us. We felt more responsible in strengthening social work academia in Nepal. We are in process now with Purbanchal University to execute Master of Social Work(MSW) this year. The three years of BSW program is also in process of upgrading to four years. We are also in process of getting postgraduate courses from Tribhuvan University.We have started the International field hosting and now hosting two social work students from United Nations.

We are building alliances with likeminded Universities / institution / organization and government bodies to strengthen our research, our community engagement and our Social Work Academia.

Social Work is not only an art, science but also passion for all of us at Nepal School of Social work (NSSW). Republic of Nepal is a multicultural society going through a series of transitions results in to social strengths and issues. Nepal needs professional social workers as trained human resources to address the ongoing social issues and barriers of development. Recognizing the national restructuring priorities and nation building efforts, NSSW scouts for young students and social service practitioners from all over Nepal and aboard who are committed and passionate to bring positive changes and nurtures them in to responsible citizen who then will be able enhance individual, community and global well being and be capable to promote social and economic justice for all.

Our track record in this ten years shows that our alumna are educated in accordance with the core values and principles of the social work profession: freedom of inquiry and open debate, inclusion and shared leadership, respect for self-determination and the need for accountability, and the affirmation and value of social and cultural diversity and are carving out their own place in the Nepalese development struggles.

Being capable of piloting in different social issues, our graduates are now a far-reaching human service initiatives, have establish meaningful social service organizations, have carried out direct advocacy efforts for the profession, have lead state human service programs, and oversee advanced social work education throughout the nation. In short, our alumni are making a significant difference in lives all around the world. NSSW is blessed with passionate students, caring founding members and committed faculty and encouraging well-wishers.

I here would like to express my sincere gratitude to our mentors and colleagues who stayed with us throughout this journey, raised books for our resource center, collaborated with us in International conference, raised funds for earthquake response, worked together in disaster response and in many ways supported us.

I welcome our new batch of 2015 and their parents to NSSW family. I also welcome the prospective resource persons, human books and our International students from various universities and different walks of life. you are more than welcome to join our cutting edge programs at NSSW. Welcome Everyone!

Ms. Pradipta Kadambari