message from Secretary

The establishment of our organization was an idea triggered by the social changes happening around 2000 in the country. The idea that got into action was cultivated by the world exposure and humanistic feeling to work towards peace and justice among the founding members. The organization was founded with a belief that a logical connection between action or implementation of development programs, research that identify problems as well as solution and academic trainings that produce human resources to implement programs effectively is crucial. Since 2005, we have been aiming to work towards meeting organistional goal i.e. bridging the gap between action, research and training. Hence in our teaching and training we aim to combine practical knowledge on social problems as well as skills to solve them. We like to thank each individuals and organizations who contributed in nurturing the organization even before its formalization in 2005. Our alumni are our flagship, who believed in the courses we offer and currently working in different organizations. For the ongoing students, NSSW is a place to explore opportunities. Hence do not miss the activities happening around in addition to your regular classes, nor hesitate to initiate an activity if you have passion to accomplish it! We look forward to you and other like minded to contribute towards nurturing the idea into action. TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE.

Ms. Pranita Bhushan Udas


SUTRA Center for Development Education and Research

Ms Pranita Bhushan Udas is a founder member of Nepal School of Social Work. She is now secretary of SUTRA centre for development education and research.


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