Nepal School of Social Work

Nepal College of Development Studies(NCDS)

Bachelors of Arts with Social Work and Rural Development(BASWRD) - Affiliated to Tribhuvan Univeristy
"Gyan Bigyan Sahitam" Blending Knowledge With Science

The study of rural development when blends with the knowledge of science, it would be bring contemporary approaches and excel the development programs in those areas. Nepal college of development studies (NCDS) was established in 2007 as second college of SUTRA center for Development Education and Research. This 3 years bachelor level academic program is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. From its establishment, NCDS along with its sister college KMCSM is focused on nurturing students who are visioned to work with rural community and improve the well being of rural community. For that, the curriculum is enriched with the extra curricular activities like rural camps, community engagement programs and extended internships in various organisations. NCDS believes in creating an environment where students can explore his/her own potential to work with people. The major in social work and rural development along with skill lab developed by NCDS, impart the skill required to be a development practitioner or a social worker with own self initiatives.

Course of Study
1st Year SubjectTheoryPractical
English I (compulsory)10040
Nepali (compulsory)10040
Concept and Principles of Social Work (Major)6040
RD Theories, Approaches/Techniques (Major)10040
2nd Year SubjectTheoryPractical
English II (compulsory)10040
Methods of Social Work (Major)6040
Integrated Social work Practice (Major)6040
Rural Economics of Nepal10040
Rural Resource, Environment/ Management10040
3rd Year SubjectTheoryPractical
Social Welfare Administration (compulsory)6040
Research methods in Social Work(Major)6040
Rural Sociology and Development10040
Government, Institutions/Local Gov. (Major)10040
Development Perspective in Social Work6040