Director Message

We are a young school of social work with a great vision!! On 10th September 2010 we are five years old and steeping in to the 6th year with further commitment and enthusiasm. I invite you to explore our academic, research, training and networking programs in which our goal nurturing young social workers in Nepal and in South Asia reflects. Our alumni are leaders in their chosen fields of development.

Social Work is a young profession in Nepal but the rich global history of social work as a profession makes it an ideal profession for young and motivated people like you who wish to work with people and seek meaning in their careers. For social work in Nepal there are abundant opportunities and also countless challenges.

This is a profession in which you can choose to work with according to your interest and inspiration. As a graduating social worker you can work with all ages-from infants to elders-and in many different settings: schools, hospitals, shelter homes, old age homes, street children, differently able, mental health agencies, public housing, media, law firms, research and policy units, government and INGOs among many others. You can choose to work with children who have suffered domestic violence, abuse and serious trauma, or refugees and immigrants trying to make their way in a new culture. It is hard to find a profession with more opportunities and more rewards.

What makes Nepal School of Social Work so special?

At Nepal School of Social Work, we have exceptional faculty who are committed, understanding and very much in the forefront of social work practice, research, and training. International and Indigenous social work approaches are at core of our training. The school of provides ample opportunities for field work practicum settings. Each student is allowed to choose a field practicum in each semester. The school also organizes conferences, workshops, research, consultancy and training activities in which the students are given opportunity to participate and contribute.

Nepal school of social work is a not for profit institute formed as a result of joint venture initiative of three different colleges affiliated to three different universities in Nepal. This is a unique strength of the school and gives a leading position in influencing policy and strengthening social work in Nepal and in the Region. The school is the only institution in Nepal is a member and developed linkages with International organisations like International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), Asian and Pacific Association of Social Work Education (APASWE), International Council of Social Welfare (ICSW) and International Consortium of Social Development (ICSD) and developed linkages with regional and National agencies. These linkages are our strength through which we share our work and learn leading to innovations in our practice.

We at the School Of Social Work have valued differences among people as enriching the quality of life for all. We are certain that you will benefit from your study time at one of the partner institutions of Nepal school of social work. It is an honor to serve as a social worker.

We invite you to visit our institutions or search our web pages to learn further about our School and the opportunities we offer in a social work education and training. We also look forward to learn from you and your institute and explore opportunities to build partnerships.

Teaching Social Work is a science, an art form and a passion!

Founding Director